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"Looking for someone to rescue you from under a pile of surveys, figure out how to fix a database mess, or fix a report that has become impossible to work with because of too many versions and formatting worthy of the exorcist? Jen's your girl. She can run complex analyses with the best of 'em, but she's not too full of herself to help you out of a data entry crunch, either. Jen has shown her ability to step up to every task I've seen thrown at her where a computer or data was involved. When I have a data dilemma, Jen is who I'd call."

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Jennifer Jones, ITSS, Consultant

I established Oakway Consulting in January 2019, and provide almost two decades of extensive expertise in online survey development, programming and management; the compilation, breakdown and analysis of the quantitative research data (survey questionnaires), qualitative data collection and analysis, facilitation, report development and design, infographics, project management logistics.

I have been involved in a wide variety of program evaluation, research and planning projects with organizations across Canada, in both the Federal and Provincial public sectors, and with international private sector organizations. I have had the opportunity to collaborate with research and evaluation experts across Canada and US in the fields of health, justice, community development, labour market research and/or employee engagement.


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