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COMING SOON - Online Courses

I am very excited to announce an upcoming launch of online courses coming soon!


I am developing some online training for Ultra Beginners, Beginners, Beginners Plus, Intermediate and Advanced users of Microsoft Office 365 programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). These courses will start with the very basics (HELP, I've never used this before!) and go on to grow your skills and knowledge to an Advanced level, including tips and tricks, style and design hints and a printable cheat sheet to help keep what you've learned at your fingertips while you practice the exercises. I will be combining my experience and knowledge to help you expand your skills, no matter if it is for personal, school or business use. There will be something for everyone who has ever wanted to up their game! 

The first course in the series will be Microsoft Office 365 - The basics will be coming up soon. This course is designed especially for brand new users of Word, Excel and PowerPoint and includes some basic computer education too! Courses will be released by program and in skill order as they are developed. 

If you would like to receive a notification when the sign-up is available, please click "notify me" below.

I hope you will check back soon! 


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